Best Time to Visit the Holy Land Israel

Israel is a great city to visit almost all year around. Weather-wise it is the perfect city for tourism because you can spend a too long time here.

Timing of your tour will depend on the number of factors. As Israel is the land of Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Therefore visit Israel in Jewish holidays will be very expensive. You can enjoy best Israel tours via

Temperatures are usually very high on the south of the country around the Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea areas. Therefore it is preferred to visit in cooler time rather than in summers when the temperature is high.

In winter seasons, there are occasional days of rain and snow in the upper reaches of Galilee, the old city of Jerusalem and Golan Heights.

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Peak summers of July and August are not recommended for your Israel visit. In these days the temperature is around 40 degrees.

Therefore autumn and spring seasons are the best time to visit in Israel. There are normal temperature and cheap accommodations at that time.

But also September and October are busiest months in Israel due to Rosh Hashanah which is the New Year according to the Jewish calendar. April is also a busy month due to Pessach.

Therefore it is best to avoid these times for your visit to Israel if you want a relaxing and cheaper tour.