Do’s And Don’ts Before Going For Permanent Makeup

Do: Ensure that you are going to an skilled permanent makeup artist, which has been certified by a school or an organization. Most skilled permanent makeup artists have certificates on the wall or on display at the request of customers who show their experience and training.

Most artists have several certificates in various training sessions in which they participated. You can even find certified makeup and tattoo artist that offers various services like microblading, microshading, lip blush.

Makeup studios have artists who can change the facial appearance of an individual with their services. Here's a great link for more information: Camouflaged by Sara Permanent Makeup & Teeth Whitening Studio .

Do not: Buy cheap, get cheap. You can save money buying online. However, you can pay a lot later having someone else solve the problems caused by this good cheap. Permanent makeup artists are proud of their work and in general will not lower their standards to advertise their services on the cheap deal sites.

Do: Make sure you view the office of the permanent makeup artist. You can go and visit the artist's Office that you plan to do your treatment to make sure it is a clean and safe place. If the artist and the office is kept tidy and clean, probably the artist keeps the utensils, the disinfected equipment and high hygiene standards.

Do not: Most customers feel comfortable with the artist after consultation, and some just want to have the treatment after counseling because they feel comfortable and trust the artist. If you do not have that feeling, whether you are not ready for permanent makeup or you do not trust your artist. It is best to get up and leave.

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