Flooring Colors To Consider In 2019

While the decor and home design trends will change more slowly than other trends, it's time to look ahead to the new trend of flooring, especially color trends. This year, we saw several colors attractive wooden floors on the market, and architects and interior designers working on commercial floor just like it, because they have more options to make it happen for different tastes. Here are some interesting color trends that can inspire you for the floor this year. Seeing a client purchasing trends have been going real change from wood 'yellow' and 'red' tight, which began to be considered as 'dated'. the trend is now moving towards the gray tones of wood, giving a much more modern and contemporary look to the room, equipped with a similar colored furniture and furnishings. This wood tones and light gray give clients a variety of flexible options when it comes to designing the rest of the interior space.

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The Greige "Gray + Beige"

While gray has been trendy for a long time, dark color can leave the room rather cold. light gray to be trendy now, especially the most prominent "greige", which is a sensational blend of both gray and beige. It was warm enough without being too dark and it works well with almost any decor while making the room feel more inviting.

Eclipse Black

A better option for those who want to go for a pure black wooden floor but found it a bit flashy for most rooms, as it tends to work better in some of the more monochromatic color scheme. It carries over charcoal saw a shadow on the floor and looks great with a pattern of straight grain wood and matte finishes. It's a sophisticated dark wood tones and modern, especially when they are combined with elements of gold or silver trim and furnishings.

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Blonde white or Off-White

Some architects and designers will be on the wooden floor white or off-white blonde to create the impression of more open space, which can also create a "beachy" look to a room. This look can be achieved in different ways, including painting or whitewashing wood. These floors can be maintained quite easily as long as they are cleaned properly and creates unmatched warmth and class to any interior space. Wood in the higher quality end of the spectrum will not have a problem with the houses that are home to children and pets.

high variance

It's like an option '-You-Can-Eat All' to the floor. If you can not decide which color to go, why not have all of them? high variance wooden floor is now very popular, combining the boards of various colors in the color scheme. This means that the result is a polished look, rich and textured. The room will look more attractive and will be a versatile choice for a wide range of decorative styles. Another method for doing this is; using the same type of wood or the same color of the wood, but using a different size boards. It achieves a very unique style and eclectic, yet rustic floors are growing more popular very quickly.

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