Going To Clean Comedy Shows

 What do you consider a clean comedy? Do they go unto the stage and start cleaning themselves with soap or something? Or maybe we are talking about the humor here? Ah, that seems to be the case now is it? but what really is considered as clean comedy? The ones where edgy jokes are not present? Without any races involved? No genders? Nothing offensive? Well. That is a shame because most of the material is actually funny because of the edge it has. But that is what you get for showing up at clean comedy shows.

Talking about comedy is a bit difficult because there is going to be a whole can of worms that needs to be opened because of this. What is considered offensive? Is it okay to make this kind of joke and not offend anybody?

Is that even possible anymore? Because in this era, this day and age, almost everything is going to be flamed at. Comedians are the ones that get flamed on the most. Comedy is laughing at jokes about our real life and about the things that normally should not be said without context.

So we make context and it DOES matter no matter what the writers at Wall Street Journal said. But the thing is, we laugh when we dip a toe into the offensive territory. It is funny because it is offensive.

But the whole reason why we are so reluctant divulging this topic is because of all the issues and controversies regarding the comedians of back then fighting against what is now the norm. Like rape jokes and race jokes. Back then it seemed to be okay making a joke about these two even though a lot of us cringe at it.

but that is what makes it surprisingly funny, right? At first glance, anyway. Because these issues are real and real people suffer from it. It is horrible and when you think about it, this should not be taken as a joke. Like, ever.

Because when you make fun of it, it is going to make the rapists out there think that it is okay to do it because people are laughing about it. It is going to give them an excuse about their actions and that is something that just really pisses us all off. And then do not even get us started on the whole racist comments in these shows.

It scares us because while some of them are indeed funny, it makes us guilty for laughing. And we love to laugh. Ti is the one thing that really sets us at ease and calms down the stress that curls up tight in our chest. But if we laugh at something offensive, like racist jokes that are not really all that racist if it was against the comedian himself, does that make US racist too?

See, this is why we really were reluctant. All the things are being opened because we make comments about not being able to crack a joke anymore in fear of offending anyone. And then someone would argue that the reason that is was a called a joke was because it is offensive.