A Middle Eastern Country- Israel

Israel is considered a Middle Eastern country that is on the Mediterranean Sea. It is well known with the name of the holy land. The people visiting Israel cherish there visit throughout life. The history and natural beauty of the place attract lots of tourists every year.

Guided tour to Israel is preferred by people who want to experience the place in a better way.  In a guided tour, everything is arranged by them. The tour will give you a unique experience. Most of the sites in Israel do have a religious association with it.


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Jerusalem is one of the most sacred places in Israel.  There is a place in Israel that is Tel Aviv that even known as a financial hub. The place is popularly known for its architecture and beaches.  

The area of Israel is bordered with Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan in the east, Palestinian territories in west and Egypt in the southwest.  The total area of Israel is 85 miles in wide and 290 miles long.

The place does have a great history associated with it. The other name with which this place is known as Land of Israel, Zion, Palestine, Promised Land, and the Holy Land.

The founding of the nation does have some details associated with it. These details are shared on oldest history books. The foundation of Israel is given on the Bible.


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Certain traditional things of Israel are even followed in this modern era. They even do practice the same culture. The native language i.e. Hebrew is spoken by most of the people.

The religion is practiced like those in earlier days. Religion does play an essential role in shaping Israeli culture. The proportion of Jewish citizens is more in Israel.

Bar mitzvah in Israel is basically a religious initiation ceremony. The ceremony is conducted when a Jewish boy turns 13 and considered eligible to take part in public worship.