Know About Heel Pain Treatment

Heel pain usually occurs due to excessive tension, or in certain cases, from trauma to the heel. The first leg that interacts with the ground while walking is the heel. This is the heel bone – or calcaneus – which is most likely to be stressed when walking.

The foot structure that helps stabilize the foot while walking is the arch of the foot, with spiked bones bent together with tendons and ligaments, and a muscle is known as flexor digitorum brevis that holds the arch.

But when gait abnormalities cause the structures that are connected to the heel bone to swell, become inflamed or tear. Medica Stem Cells is specializing in the use of regenerative therapy as a unique and natural method of treatment.

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When the tissue is long and flat along the bottom of the foot it experiences tears and becomes inflamed, it is called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a painful, serious and developing condition that can cause a full rupture in the tissue of the plantar fascia in its most serious cases.

Treatment of heel pain for plantar fasciitis is easy, and inexpensive in many cases, but the treatment of heel pain for plantar fasciitis can take a long time. It is not unusual to treat plantar fasciitis heel pain to last 6 months to one year.