Introducing The Best Video Conference USB PTZ Camera- Saber Light

If you are looking for video conference cameras choose the USB PTZ camera – Saber light for its great video quality, 5X Optical Zoom with 2X Digital Zoom feature,  5X 90 degree FOV optical lens and powerful remote controller functions and many more.

There are many reasons to shop for the USB PTZ camera Saber light. Saber light is a USB 3.0 PTZ camera with a 5x Optical Zoom.


3 cables in 1 Design

The first benefits of choosing PTZ USB camera is 3 cables in 1 design. The advance, highly featured USB PTZ camera saber light has single USB 3.0 cable to manage the video, control and power functions. It will help you in managing and reducing the stress of multiple wire handling problems.

Rich Video Quality

Quality is something that matters a lot when it comes to purchasing a video conference. With Adopts, advanced DSP,1/2.8 inch 5MP image sensor, and high-quality 5X 90-degree FOV optical lens saber light offers a  fluent and crystal image quality that can never be achieved with any of other cameras.

Saber light gives you an ultimate video conference experience.


Fast switching between different video formats

Fast video switching is something that adds more proficiency in your business video meeting experience. If you are facing the problem of late audio and data transmission problem with your previous video conference cameras,  saber light can give you real-time super speed outfit & data transmission in less than 1 second.

Compatible with the majority of video conferencing software (UVC protocol standard)

This one of the most important benefit saber light offers yours. Saber light can be used with any of the video conferencing software, so you don’t need to face the software compatibility issues.

Easy firmware upgrade

Last but not the least benefit is easy to upgrade the firmware. It requires a few simple steps to install and upgrade firmware.

Fast and accurate focus performance, effective serial control and remote control functions are some of the unbeatable features that make PTZ saber light one of the most prominent video conference cameras.

If you still find any question, you visit this site to learn more about what to look in while purchasing a USB video conference.