Choosing the Right Color Printer for the Job!

When choosing a color printer for your business, it is very important to choose the right printer – both in terms of cost and function. But with ink and laser printers available in various products, how do you make sure you choose the right solution? Here are some key factors that must influence your choice.

The most useful first step is to think about the potential number of pages that might be printed every day. You can purchase flatbed printers via Inkjet Monkey.


In addition, a good question to ask is what you want to use the printer and also what is most important to you in terms of speed and presentation.

The choice of technology boils down to two main types. Do you use laser or inkjet printing? Although lasers are traditionally considered the de facto choice for business, advances in inkjet technology have made inkjet printers a common sight in the office.

Currently, both are suitable for the business environment and both have advantages and disadvantages. Laser devices are very good for higher volume output than usually more than 100 prints a day.

They are also great for making large volumes of marketing material or documents for customers, where the impact of color adds an important dimension. Meanwhile, the color laser printer also provides excellent text quality and durable prints on all types of paper.

The main consideration is that making documents is not just about printing. It's also about scanning, storing and retrieving and copying.