The Factors Affecting Fertility

So many times couples looking to have a baby are puzzled when their pregnancy test comes negative.

While Preganews has made things easier by teaching women how to use the pregnancy test kit at home or by providing an ovulation calculator, the reason you might not be able to conceive might be because of a few factors.

There are several fertility diet books are available in the market. These books will tell you about the best foods to eat for fertility.

That is why we've come up with a list of factors that might be why you're finding it hard to become a mother.

Issues faced by women:

Overweight: If you're overweight, your body can be overloaded with estrogen, which will disrupt the reproductive cycle.

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Underweight: Many women do not realize that being healthy doesn't mean being underweight. Being under the healthy weight required can cause a problem when you're trying to conceive.

Hormonal imbalance: Do you have irregular menstrual cycles, short or long and heavy periods? These can be symptoms of the hormone system. It can cause a lot of problem during ovulation.

Autoimmune disorder: Autoimmune disorder is when the body's immune system turns against itself and starts attacking healthy cells. Various autoimmune diseases can hinder fertility.

Medication: Prescribed or un-prescribed, many drugs can cause infertility. Take medicines only after talking to your doctor.

Smoking and drinking: Studies show that smoking and drinking (even moderately) decreases your chances of conceiving drastically.

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